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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is currently searching for a new full-time rector. Father Richard Ressler has been faithfully serving as our Interim Rector since May 2015 and will continue to serve in this capacity until he retires in April 2017.

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For Interested Applicants
If you are interested in serving alongside us as our rector, or you would like to refer someone for the position, please contact Episcopal Diocese of Michigan’s Canon for Congregational Life, Jim Gettel, at We look forward to receiving your application. Thank you for your interest in St. Paul’s!

For Parish Members
We encourage parish members to visit this page for updates on the where we are in the process of calling a new rector. In addition to posting updates on the process here, we will continue sharing information during Sunday announcements, through Facebook, and in the monthly Epistle. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Search Committee members or to our Senior Warden, Barb Markowski.

Warm regards,

St. Paul's Episcopal Church Search Team

Search Committee Members
Chuck Campbell, Chairperson
Carrie Heider Grant, Vestry Member
Dennis Marsh, Vestry Member
Zoe Baldwin
Molly Fearon
Ed Greene
Tom Holsinger-Friesen
Clark Hutchins
Val Rowley
Rhonda Rudolph

Latest News from the Rector Search Process

May 31, 2017
We have invited two candidates to continue for the final round of interviews, which will be conducted in Jackson, MI during the month of June. The Search Committee will then seek consensus and present a candidate to Vestry at a special meeting. After praying for a week, Vestry will reconvene to hold a vote to either approve the selection and extend an official  to the candidate, or to direct the Search Committee to make a different selection. 

There are many steps and moving pieces in this process and we marvel at the glory of God for orchestrating it in the best interest of St. Paul's and each of the candidates. We report that Tom Holsinger-Friesen has stepped down as chairperson due to external circumstances and will continue to serve as a committee member. Chuck Campbell has assumed the role of chairperson.

Please continue to pray in this season of discernment. Pray for the Search Committee's hearts and minds to be attuned to the Holy Spirit's influence. Pray for the Vestry's vision and leadership of our parish. And pray for each of our candidates as they discern God's call for their lives and their ministries. Thank you.

May 9, 2017
The Search Committee has begun the second round of interviews with the candidates for our new rector. They will complete these interviews by the end of May and will then move forward to invite a select number of candidates to come to Jackson for a third interview and to meet the Vestry and Bishop Gibbs. Thank you for your continued prayers as both the committee and the candidates continue to discern God's calling in all of our lives.

Apr. 17, 2017
The first round of interviews is officially underway! We plan to spend the next two weeks conducting initial interviews with applicants and, if necessary, will hold follow-up interviews as needed before officially moving on to the second round of the discernment process. The Search Committee continues to meet weekly, and we ask the parish of St. Paul's for your continued prayers as we move forward in love and discernment.

Apr. 6, 2017
We (the St. Paul's Search Committee) having been working for the past month to prepare for the interview process. We've undergone training from the Diocese and at our next meeting, we will finalize the interview format and the questions we will ask candidates in their initial interviews. We have received the application materials from five qualified candidates and will enter the discernment process about whom we would like to invite for an initial interview with the committee (these will primarily be held over video conference). We expect to begin conducting interviews after Easter. The Search Committee continues to meet weekly, and we ask the parish of St. Paul's for your continued prayers as we move forward in love and discernment.

Feb. 22, 2017
The Parish Profile has been approved by Bishop Gibbs and has been posted on all of the Episcopal Church’s databases. The Search Committee, as appointed by the Vestry, will begin the training with liaisons from the diocese this month as they prepare to receive applications and discern St. Paul's next Rector. Applications will be accepted for 45 days, and at the end of that 45 days, the Search Committee will begin to select applicants for interview.